Silent Cry To The Saviour Angels, by: Kalanglarik

- April 12, 2012 -

After winning a local poetry, storytelling and music competition in Surakarta (1993), his passion ignites from an early age. Since then on Bayu Prasetyo committing himself to arts as a medium of his contribution to the society. This chosen path unravels to be not without struggles, Bayu identifies himself as “Kalanglarik” in his dedication. In the same passion and struggles Bayu managed to complete his M.A. in Film Making from London International Film School (2006).

Silent Cry To The Saviour Angels is a selection of Kalanglarik’s notes. Without giving too much, kalang means horizons/limitations and larik from the word lyrics/words. In respect of every colors in one’s life journey, this installation celebrates the shades of grey in parallel to time. Moments where sincere offerings have no place, underrated despair, feelings of abandonment that forced us to questions our faith in The Saviour Angel’s existence -all that is hidden from our day to day survival functionalities.

An explorative piece, Bayu dedicates a space to deliver his poems through various separate installations that correlates with each other. Done by orchestrating all elements within that space, may it be props, sound, light and many others, Silent Cry To The Saviour Angels is transforming a room designed to trigger our sensory receptions and memories. An opportunity for other people to interact and engaged in the process of creating their own personal stories.

Although different, yet its creative approach is similar to film-making, which is to integrate, support and enhance the process of story-telling. Worked in close collaboration with three other artists, Susan Mayasella (visual arts), Anggitasari Mumpuni (fashion designer), Realrich Syarief (architect), along side the support of British Council Indonesia and many others, Silent Cry To The Saviour Angels is visitable at TeMBI Rumah Budaya: Jalan Gandaria I/47B, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan.

Private viewing (by invitation only) on Friday 13th April 2012 at 7.30PM.
For media coverage purposes, we welcome your confirmation:
0818 180 848 (Anggit) or

Open to public, free admission, from 14 – 28 April 2012.
Mon-Friday 10AM – 9PM & Sat 10AM – 6PM

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